A New Calibre for Speake-Marin Watches

A New Calibre for Speake-Marin Watches

speake-marin-watchesAfter more than two years in the development stage, Peter Speake-Marin this year launched his own movement Calibre SM2. This original and unique calibre was designed with Speake-Marin watches in mind, and is what sets them apart from other watches.

Peter Speake-Marin started out with an interest in making jewellery, but he soon found himself seduced by the art and mechanics of watch making. So his new and original movement calibre should really not come as a surprise. This movement has been expressly designed with precision and longevity in mind.

The Calibre SM2 has 99% of its components specifically made for it, and is not interchangeable with other calibres.

The dimensions of the movement are large for an automtic movement, i.e. 32.6mm in diameter and 6.2mm in height. This is to ensure that design elements do not compromises the strength of the calibre. Most movements are designed to fit in a wide variety of cases including slim line, ladies or curved cases. Out of necessity then these more generic movements need to be smaller to fit such a range of cases.

The larger SM2 calibre was designed to assure longevity and precision which requires a certain size in design to assure the necessary strength of material as well as a sufficiently large balance diameter.

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