Bremont – Airspeed and Patriotism

Bremont – Airspeed and Patriotism

We write a lot about technological innovation in these posts, and that’s because the luxury watch industry frequently shadows wider progress. If there’s an advance made in automobile racing or aircraft, expect timepieces to find a way to incorporate these changes in an attractive, functional device.

So too with Bremont, expect there’s a dash of history here as well. Much like the Ansari X Prize that catalysed improvement in the space industry, a very similar event occurred way back in the early 20th century. Back then, aviation was in its infancy. The Schneider Trophy was intended to increase aircraft speed. There was a military aspect to the award, as well as a financial one. The event occurred annually and was a matter of national pride.

Though it began in 1911, it acquired a greater sense of urgency and importance after the First World War began to demonstrate the utility of aircraft technology. Nations would send teams, and the winner for that particular year would receive a cash prize. A country that captured the Schneider Trophy for three consecutive years would be allowed to keep it. Eventually, the British succeeded in doing so, winning for the third time in a row in the early 1930s.

The newest Supermarine from Bremont watches pays tribute to that extraordinary aircraft which not only won the trophy but set an international speed record. It broke 400 miles per hour in a day when that speed was nearly unheard of. Just for reference, this was ten years before World war II. During that conflict, fighters travelled well below those speeds.

Bremont is a company that closely identifies with Britain’s great past and historic place in the world. It makes sense that Bremont would be the company to design such a patriotic piece to pay tribute to so many important things.

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