Bell & Ross unveils work of art

Bell & Ross unveils work of art

Whilst many Bell & Ross fans think all their watches are a work of art, the luxury watch brand is now releasing an actual artwork.

Whilst it was first unveiled at Baselworld, 2011, Bell & Ross has now released a little more information about its Twelve O’Clock artwork. It describes the piece as “philosophical and creative” and “an artistic interpretation of the passage of time”.

The work is made from 12 Bell & Ross watches, with each watch representing an hour. As the watches move, abstract shapes are created but once an hour the numbers will be fully visible.

Unsurprisingly, the brand admits the piece will be “pricey” and says that it is aimed at art enthusiasts.

To really get a feel for Twelve O’Clock, the best thing to do is watch the video which Bell & Ross made about it.

What’s your verdict?



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