Six Nations Rugby Referees Wear Graham Watches

Six Nations Rugby Referees Wear Graham Watches

The referees of the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Tournament will be wearing specially designed, Limited Edition Graham WatchesGraham of London are not only on a winning streak with their sponsorship of Formula 1 racing teams. For the second year in a row now they are also the 2010 official timekeeper and sponsor of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s 6 Nations Rugby Tournament. And the referees will be wearing specially designed Graham watches.

Graham of London have produced a unique chronograph that meets the exacting and demanding techincal expectations of the RBS 6 Nations’s matches. The colourful Chronofighter Oversize Referee will be worn by the referees to adjudicate every match during the tournament.

This limited edition is based on Graham’s Oversize collection of watches. These watches are both stylish and functional. Of particular note is their titanium light-weight case, that is partly coated with a soft touch rubber. The watch has a bezel, as well as a striking red stop lever on the left side. The red lever matches the red rubber strap.

The signature design piece to Chronofighter Oversize Referee is a colourful seconds counter at 3 o’clock that has one colour for each of the 6 participating squads. Another specific feature for the referees is the double-graduated counter at 6 o’clock: the external circle is the 30 minutes counter, while the internal one shows 40 minutes – the time period of each half of the rugby. And of course, the chronograph suitably heavy duty for referees of a rugby match.

The Chronofighter Oversize Referee is limited to 250 pieces.

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