Ball Engineer II Volcano Watch Review

Ball Engineer II Volcano Watch Review

The Ball Engineer II Volcano watch has caused an eruption in the industry by becoming one of the first timepieces to boast a mumetal-carbide case, making it almost completely anti-magnetic and impressively lightweight. I will admit that when you first glance at the timepiece its simple finish doesn’t really seem that impressive, but once you learn about the research, materials and complications that have gone into the design you will gain a whole new appreciation.

The Ball Watch Company has spent many dedicated years researching and strategizing on how to improve the reliability of its watch movements. One of the many grievances that watchmakers go through when designing a watch is creating a model that can withstand the magnetic fields that us watch wearers are so commonly exposed to. But something Ball Watches discovered was that volcanoes were a fantastic place to research magnetic fields and after becoming inspired by these natural wonders, they perfected a retractable anti-magnetic diaphragm made of MUMETAL.


The 45mm case of the Ball Engineer II Volcano watch is constructed from superimposed layers of black carbon and mumetal, a combination of materials never used before in watch making. This impressive arrangement allows for an enhanced antimagnetic protection so the movement and its accuracy is barely affected. The combination of these materials also creates a completely distinctive finish that mirrors the look of lava that has cooled to form volcanic rock.

Housed beneath the sapphire crystal glass with antireflective treatment is a slate grey dial with subtle touches of fire red to mimic the colours of an erupting volcano, and in true Ball style, the watch is also set with indexes and hands made from 15 tubes of luminous H3 gas. The Ball Engineer II Volcano watch is powered by the COSC certified Swiss BALL RR1102-C automatic movement that has a shock resistance of up to 5,000 Gs and a water resistance of 100 metres. The timepiece is completed by two strap options, a black and grey striped NATO and a standard black rubber.

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