Exploring Chimento Jewellery

Exploring Chimento Jewellery

Synonymous with quality and excellence, Chimento jewellery has no problem winning the affections of women who appreciate unique jewellery design crafted from fine Italian gold and gemstones. Since their founding in 1964, Chimento has gained a reputation for excelling in everything that they do. Each piece is beautifully designed and handcrafted in the famous jewellery district of Vicenza, Italy. It is here where the flair, passion and wisdom of founder Adriano Chimento excelled the brand into one of the finest Italian jewellery manufacturers in the world.

Italian in taste and contemporary in design, Chimento jewellery is engineered especially for formidable and demanding women looking for a necklace, ring or bracelet that not only acts as a complement to her personal style but is practical and versatile for everyday use. The brand’s collections and philosophy is distinguished by their utmost dedication to the art of goldsmithing, an art that has been defined and perfected for over fifty years and two generations. The exquisite jewels using in many of the Chimento pieces are also conceived and created in the district of Vicenza in northern Italy, where modern techniques and innovative tools transform them into breathtaking decorations.

Chimento Rings

From statement rings to wedding rings, Chimento have it all. These stunning pieces of art instantly capture attention when the sparkling gemstones capture the light as you flutter your fingers around yourself. The Chimento Aeternitas wedding rings are exquisite, showcasing unisex designs for both men and women crafted from Italian gold and decorated in a choice of diamonds.

The Chimento Stretch Spring rings are another fine example of the brand’s technical prowess. The designs feature flowing and flexible lines that sit delicately and comfortably on the body. These gold rings are perfect for giving as gifts since the unique elastic technology allows them to fit on fingers of any size. Their refined details and minimalist style is a game changer and a must for your jewellery collection.

Chimento Necklaces

Stay simple or go strong with a layered look with the unmissable Chimento necklace collection. Discover breathtaking gold necklaces embellished with discreet diamonds and other fantastic accents for a mesmerising finish. We love the Stretch Nuvola necklaces, which like the Stretch rings, are crafted from elastic, irresistible chains that hang gracefully round the neck. The addition of soft, sinuous lines and lariat knots are just one more reason to fall in love.

For 2019, Chimento released their brand new Bamboo Pure collection and the Chimento Bamboo Pure necklaces are a must for women who enjoy the elegance of contemporary minimalism. The Bamboo Pure necklaces showcase delicate 18 carat gold chains that can be adjusted to different lengths around the neck for a stunning look and they pair perfectly with the matching Chimento Bamboo Pure Hoop earrings available in several different sizes so they can be beautifully layered along the earlobe for those with multiple piercings.

Chimento Bracelets

Entirely versatile yet exquisitely luxurious, the Chimento Bracelet collection has something to match any personality or style. The iconic Chimento Double bracelet originally created by Adriano Chimento in 1971 remains alive within the collection in the form of the Chimento Double Mosaico bangle. The modern interpretation is the expression of fashion forward women who aren’t afraid to stand out and sparkle with dazzling diamonds decorating the 18 carat Italian gold.

The Armillas bangle bracelet is another fantastic addition for its elastic and easy to wear design which exudes an extraordinary brilliance that must be appreciated up close. Some of the Chimento Armillas bracelets also showcase a unique crescent moon pattern inspired by the goddess Isis, an Egyptian deity protector of women and fertility. These designs perfectly epitomise their desire to be worn by ladies of strength.

Chimento Earrings

You will want any excuse to tuck your hair behind your ears when wearing one of these incredible sets of Chimento earrings. The breathtaking pieces radiate beauty and sophistication with the glare of gold, diamonds and colourful gemstones becoming instantly recognisable wherever your life leads.  The Armillas Secret drop earrings showcase a choice of amethyst, diamonds and topaz in 18 carat gold settings for a truly breathtaking look.

We also love the Chimento Star Dust earrings inspired by the sparkle and iridescence of cascading diamonds and precious gemstones. The 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold and white gold hoops are decorated in an unbelievable bouquet of diamonds which gradually fade down the length of the hoop, generating a glisten and twinkle that appears as if from another universe.

If you would like to learn more about Chimento jewellery, head over to the C W Sellors website here where you can find all their latest collections available to order today.

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