Exploring Faberge

Exploring Faberge

For over a century, Fabergé has symbolised wealth, opulence and beauty. Their famous Imperial Eggs in particular are instantly recognisable across the globe for their elaborate gemstone decorations and solid gold designs. Today, the luxury brand remains one of the most highly coveted manufacturers in the world with a range of breathtaking collections of watches, necklaces, charms, earrings and bracelets available to wear for yourself.

The House of Fabergé was first founded in 1882 when Peter Carl Fabergé took over his father’s small jewellery business along with his brother Agathon. Together, they transformed it into an international phenomenon that went on to create some of the world’s most notable and famous designs. Their origin was during a time when the fashionable choice of diamonds was becoming monotonous and customers were dreaming of designs filled with colour using precious gemstones and enamel. Fabergé ensured that their Imperial eggs and jewellery designs were made to the finest standard and remained irresistible objects own by only the most worthy.

In 1885, Peter Carl Fabergé was commissioned to create elaborate Fabergé eggs for the Russian Tsars. Tsar Alexander III was the first to request an Easter Egg as a gift for his wife, the Empress Maria Feodorovna. Thanks to the breathtaking creation that was presented to the royals, the tradition of the Tsar giving his Empress an Easter Egg continued for many years. In total, the House of Fabergé created 50 Imperial eggs for Alexander III to present to his Empress and for Nicholas II to present to his mother, the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna and his wife the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. Following this, the House of Fabergé was bestowed with the coveted title “Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown”.

Today Fabergé jewellery remains just as desirable as it always has been but many of their stunning Faberge collections and timepiece designs now more accessible to the everyday wearer. So, whether you are looking for a statement necklace, an occasion bracelet or a luxury watch that will leave passers-by completely in awe, we highly recommend you explore the Faberge collections.

Fabergé Jewellery

Fabergé jewellery is something that has to be seen to be believed and something that is difficult to miss when adorned on the body. The breathtaking designs are inspired by Fabergé’s original jewelled masterpieces and capture the refinement, cultural richness and technical perfection that has made the brand so renowned. Traditional, often complex, materials and techniques such as enamelling, hand graving, invisible setting and intricate pave work make up the signature elements of their colourful and opulent jewellery collections.

The Fabergé Heritage jewellery collection is a favourite with many for its eloquent and playful pieces that tribute the original Fabergé Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge. You can find these Faberge eggs in the form of charms, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets crafted from 18 carat gold and decorated in enamel, diamonds and other precious gemstones. The Fabergé Rococo jewellery collection is another fine example of the brand’s artistry and transforms the renowned 18th century rococo style into a more contemporary look. It continues to take inspiration from the gold scrolls featured on the legendary Rocaille Egg that was originally created in 1902 for Russian heiress Varvara Kelkh. The Rococo pieces are designed to be easy to wear and celebrate the tradition of meticulous craftsmanship for which Fabergé is famous.

Fabergé Watches

By combining their exceptional talent for luxury decoration with high precision watchmaking movements, Fabergé have created one of the world’s most coveted watches in the world. These breathtaking timepieces are more like works of art than timekeepers with some of the most elaborate dial designs we have ever seen. Yet, Fabergé refuses to neglect perfection at the core and with the help of some of the world’s most celebrated movement makers, they have created in-house automatic calibres to power their Fabergé watches.

We can’t get enough of the Faberge Compliquee watches and their dials decorated with a lavish design of a peacock. The tail of the animal beautifully displays the minutes while the hour is demonstrated in Arabic numerals on the outer bezel. This unique display and the hand winding movement that powers it won the prestigious 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève award, one of the Swiss watchmaking industry’s highest honours. As well as being technically exceptional, these Fabergé watches boast luxury materials like no other including 18 carat gold, platinum, enamel, guilloche, diamonds, mother of pearl, rubies, sapphires and more.

For men, the Fabergé Visionnaire watch collection perfectly expresses masculinity and power at its finest. The bold and multifaceted structures represent the grandeur of Faberge’s legacy while the technology hidden within showcases their newly developed and powerful innovations in watchmaking. For something more daring, the Fabergé Flirt watch collection features stand out designs measuring to 36mm in size. The dials are available in a wide range of bright colours including orange, blue, burgundy and yellow that are perfect for those of us that destined to be centre stage.

If you would like to learn more about the Fabergé jewellery and watches, head over to the C W Sellors website here where you can find all their latest collections available to order today.

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