Top Ten Unusual Watches

Top Ten Unusual Watches

Our edit of innovative and luxurious brands at Jura Watches ensures the creation of unique and unusual timepieces that grace our website. A watch can qualify as unusual due to the various features within the design including shape, colouring and positioning. It is important to remain up to date with the latest innovations in the watch industry, which our brand connections master effortlessly through inspiration and influences.

Absorb the top ten unusual watches that Jura Watches is proud to host.

  1. Maurice Lacroix Watch Masterpiece Mystery

The exquisite timepiece is a Limited Edition design with 25 pieces available for purchase. The Maurice Lacroix Watch Masterpiece Mystery answered the question “Does time have to be circular?” The innovative watch tells time in a linear form with a twin-tipped seconds hand that moves across a solid disc that appears to constantly float. The baton-like shape shares responsibility for announcing time to the wearer. The unique feature proves that the conventional clockwise dial can be replaced.

The unusual arrangement of the two dials allows for some of its micro-mechanics to be revealed in an open-worked area. The hour and minute hands are positioned off-centre where 2 o’clock is usually located with a blue scale and white Arabic numbers. The seconds display demands attention at the centre front of the watch face and challenges the depiction of time. The white dial has markings of blue and black, which match the colourings of the tipped ends of the seconds hand. The steel case and crocodile strap provides a more classic appearance in contrast to the contemporary vision of telling time.


2. SevenFriday Watch P1

The design of the SevenFriday P1 is inspired by steel, industrial plants, tools, engines, wheels and machines. The multiple influences form a strong, powerful timepiece resulting in an unusual design. The creation is a result of the combination of inspirations and the high end production and complex construction. Purposely fusing contrasting materials and styles forms such a unique design.

The two huge elements that determine the appearance of the SevenFriday P1 is the box and the interface. The stainless steel box acts as a highly protective casing and is constructed in an intricate way. The shaping is a mix of contemporary and classic ideas to create an exciting new appearance. The box contains the interface, which includes the hands, discs, dial and movement arranged in an unusual dynamic – an expression of the complexity of the movement. The dial consists of 5 separate pieces, which are layered with eleven different applications. The intricate design fascinates and demands attention from spectators who are amazed by the materials, finishing and colours of the timepiece. The overall feel balances a futuristic look that is both cool and understated simultaneously.svf-001-sevenfriday-p1-p1-1

3. Bell & Ross Watch BR 01 B-Rocket Limited Edition

Inspired by aeronautical design, the Limited Edition timepiece is the vision of Shaw Harley-Davidson who has applied his expert knowledge of motorbike construction to a watch platform. The padded black leather strap, which is edged in red and black heavy duty canvas is heavily influenced by the seat of a bike. The strap takes the robust and comfortable properties that a motorbike seat would offer to the rider. Emulating the bike tachometer the timepiece has a red triangular start button positioned proudly at 12. Overall, the design combines both inspirations taking the modernity of the 1960s with the nostalgic feel of the first American jet aircraft to produce a sleek, powerful and unique watch known as the Bell & Ross Watch BR 01 B-Rocket Limited Edition. The chronograph has 3 counters (running second, 30 minutes and 12 hours accumulators), a tachymeter scale and a date. The square steel casing with four screws that surrounds the circular dial gives a unique, masculine appearance and a large watch face. A Bell & Ross timepiece that cannot go unnoticed when attached to one’s wrist. The red, black and silver colour combination is eye catching and demands attention.


4. B.R.M Watches Records TB

BRM is recognised as the only French watchmaking manufacture whose strong commitment and competitive spirit provides the unique spark of Bernard Richards. Over the 25 years, BRM have maintained a high standard of mechanical sophistication and praised by the experts in mechanical sport. The vision from the brand is heavily influenced by Racing with the sport underlying in everything they achieve such as utilising high tech materials from racing car construction for watch components.

The spirit of Racing is clearly evident in the B.R.M Watches Records TB with the red, black and silver colour combination. The unusual shape of the watch dial comes to life as it sits upright on the top of one’s wrist for easy readability for racing car drivers. The steel case that frames the watch face forms a dashboard shape reflecting the brands influence along with the dial, which references the speedometer in a racing car. The casing that extends from the watch face resembles a car bonnet and is used to enclose the mechanics of the timepiece. The highlighted markings of 12, 4 and 8 is a very unusual way to present the time as the typical method would show 12, 3, 6, 9. The timepiece is a truly innovative design in the watch industry.


5. U-Boat Watch Phoenix Beige

U-Boat have crafted the Phoenix Beige in 925 sterling silver, which has been hand finished with a martellee effect creating a unique textured look. To add to the unusual casing the silver was carefully drilled into to create fissures, which were filled with a total of 180 black diamonds. The precious gemstones were hand set by Italian craftsmen to ensure that the diamonds would not fall out when worn. The case diameter measures at 48mm for an oversized appearance and wraps around the wrist with a hand stitched leather strap with vintage working techniques. To continue the unique look the strap also features silver inserts set with black diamonds. The sterling silverpin buckle clasp compliments the casing  and finishes the watch beautifully. To protect the dial the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and is water resistance of 50m. The beige dial is stencilled with Arabic numbers at the 4, 8 and 12 positions whereas the other numbers are replaced with baton shaped markers. A large small seconds counter is situated at number 3 and the two chronograph totalisers are positioned at 6 and 12. The date display complete with branding is at the 9 marker finishes the dial arrangement nicely.


6. Nomos Glashutte Watch Metro

The Nomos Glashutte Watch Metro is created by Berlin based designer Mark Braun to form a unique timepiece suitable for the sophisticated city slicker. The timekeeper is a result of precision and accuracy combined with an elegant and minimal aesthetic. The fine, delicate hands tell the time with a graceful demeanour gliding around the large, white dial. Complete with a date display situated at 6, a power reserve indicator and clear minute indexes, which reflects the precision of a measuring device demonstrates the passing of time beautifully. The typical markings that usually follow in an hour sequence are replaced by 5 minute intervals to show the minute rather than the hour, which is an unusual approach to time telling. The black markings are a contrast to the white background with the sophisticated injection of a muted green and pop of red. A steel casing frames the unusual dial leaving a thin outer rim to continue the elegance of the timepiece. The simple black leather strap fastens around the wrist leaving the oversized dial with slender and graceful features to demand attention with the unique aesthetic and approach.


7. TAG Heuer Watch Monaco Chronograph Limited

The Limited Edition watch finds inspiration from the motor racing industry. The design embodies the spirit of Le Mans (a French automobile endurance race) with an innovative and contemporary aesthetic. To protect against excessive vibrations and sudden jolts the timekeeper has an Advanced Dynamic Absorber system; essential for motor racing drivers who experience intense movement on a daily occurrence. The open sapphire case back reveals the oscillating mass reflects a racing wheel and the Calibre 36 beating at 36000 beats per hour. The enlarged 24 positioned to replace 12 is a tribute to Le Mans.

The square steel casing exposes the dark orange bolts that secured the dial within the frame. The inner dials reference the motor racing theme as they resemble the speedometer of a sports car. The exclusion of numbers gives the TAG Heuer Watch Monaco Chronograph Limited a unique look that originally appears simplistic yet is a complex design. The alligator strap fastens with a push button for easy release. The overall affect of the Chronograph combines classic features with a contemporary mechanics to produce a truly unusual watch.


8. Dietrich Watch OT-1 Green

The Dietrich model is a futuristic interpretation of timekeeping. The vibrant green colouring of the hands and dial markings stand out to spectators instantly. The luminescent Superluminova hands and indexes are visible in the dark allowing for wearers to easily tell the time at any time of day. The unusual dial shape is framed by a steel and black PVD casing and the viewer is exposed to the mechanics of the watch. Layering of the dial creates a unique face resulting in a spiral affect. Through the sapphire glass and anti glare coating the mechanics are clearly visible with shapes that resemble a star and sun dial, which is a reference to an early form of time telling. The futuristic colouring and black structure that grows from the centre is a contrast to the traditional elements surrounding it. Ensuring that the timepiece is an infusion of various influences. An added feature of the Dietrich Watch OT-1 Green is the water resistance of up to 50m. The Nato strap gives a casual, relaxed feel to the watch, which is also available with red hands and markings depending on personal preference. The Dietrich brand have created an unusual piece to add to the watch industry with hidden depths through layering and a combination of eras.


9. Maurice Lacroix Watch Masterpiece Squelette

The Maurice Lacroix Watch Masterpiece Squelette can only be described as unique, extraordinary and steadfast! With a contemporary spirit the Squelette emphasises traditional watchmaking with a focus on one of its most intricate and delicate techniques. The skeletonization (where all moving parts are visible) requires high expertise with precision and accuracy of an extremely high level. Crafted with skilful hands the exposure, the Maurice Lacroix presents a new identity for the skeleton watch by infuses classic elements with a contemporary outlook. The avant gaurde design is viewed behind a sapphire crystal case back showcasing the complex ML134 skeleton movement. Each component is positioned with care and attention to detailing to create a working yet spectacular show. The mechanics are cleverly exposed and require the upmost precision to form a sleek, minimalist yet bold vision. The use of exquisite materials, subtle colours and accurate placement brings elements of innovation and originality to the forefront of watch design. A sense of harmony and balance is created by the delicate yet robust nature of the structure in place. The alligator leather strap finishes the timepiece beautifully.


10. Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Reverso Grande D Date

Jaeger-LeCoultre have adopted a fresh approach to watchmaking since 1833. Reacting to the evolution of time with a contemporary attitude that delivers creativity, innovation and invention combined with a high technical skill result in watches that challenge existing concepts within the industry. The brand always search for new ideas that are innovative and original, which has led to many watches possessing an unusual appearance with Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Reverso Grande D Date being a front runner for originality in design.

The watch face is open like a book presenting two different faces. The right has a square dial on a silver background with a white edging, which hosts the back number markings. The hands are blue contrasting against the neutral background with a counter positioned between numbers 4 and 5 and an upper counter between 10 and 11, which only displays a quarter of the full circle. The date is displayed partially covering number 7 to complete the intricate and sophisticated right dial. To the left the bright gold engraving states the brand name plus other technical inscribing. Mechanical gold wheels show how the watch operates, which are surrounded by sporadic pink and blue stones to create a beautiful display.



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