Sinn Dive Watches and Tegiment Technology

Sinn Dive Watches and Tegiment Technology

Sinn WatchesSinn have just recently released a very special edition of their Sinn U1 collection of dive watches: the Sinn U1 black tegimented with white dial. The U1 collection of Sinn watches was released three years ago, and since then the most requested feature has been for an all-tegimented watch. At that time the standard Sinn U1 only had a tegimented bezel.

This new dive watch is not only the first Sinn U1 that has an all black case, it is also the first Sinn U1 that has a fully tegimented case, bezel, crown and case back.

Sinn U1 watches are made from the same steel that is used in the construction of the outer hull of German submarines. This steel is not only extremely resistant to sea water, it also has the highest anti-magnetic qualities.

The tegiment technology is not simply an applied substance that coats the steel in an attempt to provide a protective layer. Rather, the steel itself is hardened using a special engineering process. This process increases the steel’s resistance to corrosion, and provides protection against scratching.

Using this technology Sinn’s dive watches have a hardness that is six to nine times harder than standard steel.

Sinn dive watches are available from Jura Watches, London, UK.

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