Romain Jerome Watches as Objects d’Art

Romain Jerome Watches as Objects d’Art

romain-jerome-watchesWhen a watch is created with history and emotion, it ceases to be simply a watch, it becomes an objet d’art in its own right. This is very true of Romain Jerome Watches, particularly the Titanic DNA collection.

The archetype of this collection is the T-Oxy Concept. This is a completely rusted timepiece that was designed and built using non-stabilised rusted steel from the Titanic. Today, the watch can only be admired in its glass dome. The dome is filled with argon gas so as to protect the watch from oxygen, which would destroy it completely.

From this unique timepiece the Titanic DNA collection was conceived. Each model is created using stabilised metals from the Titanic. The unique stabilisation process was developed by Romain Jerome to protect the timepieces against any further corrosion. But, the stabilization process produces varying results – no two pieces are identical and are a testament to their authenticity.

Each watch is accompanied by a certificate of compliance from the shipbuilder of the Titanic, Harland & Wolff, guaranteeing the origin of the rust. Consequently, many of the models in this collection are limited editions.

Not surprisingly, Romain Jerome have gone to great lengths to produce outstanding photographs of their creations. The Geneva-based photographer Denis Hayoun was commissioned to photograph the Romain Jerome watches for the Titanic DNA catalogue. With these photographs, Hayoun was recently awarded the Grand Prix Romand de la Création, First Prize for Photography.

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