Chronoswiss – Raising the Bar

Chronoswiss – Raising the Bar

The people have cast their votes in yet another watch contest, this one being done by the readers of UhrenMagazin and Focus Online. Their collective voice is incredibly important to both consumers and companies alike. Consider the findings of the world’s educated watch connoisseurs as an indicator of what people are willing–and unwilling–to spend their money on.

The results indicate that people are very willing to indulge in the products that Chronoswiss has to offer. For example, the voters in this contest awarded Chronoswiss two second place prizes. Another, much more expensive piece, took fifth place. This same watch, the Edition Zeitzeichen, turned in a fifth place performance at the prestigious Watch of the Year Ceremony.

All this is worthy of mention because of the significant restructuring which Chronoswiss is undertaking. Mention was made in a previous article of the efforts to build a much stronger brand-client relationship. In essence, Chronoswiss wants its wearers to feel loyal to the brand, to feel connected to their timepieces. One way to simultaneously do this, and make it through the difficult economic recession, was to refocus the interface between the brand the client: the boutique.

So, when examining these beautiful Chronoswiss watches, is it fair to interpret them as the product of renewed efforts by the good people at the Swiss company? Though the topic is certainly open to debate, it would seem so. Every corporation which sells products is forced into competition with the producers of similar goods. Paying attention to the consumer, meeting their needs in ever-greater and more affordable ways, is the by-product of these forces. Now, Chronoswiss has always produced wonderful watches. But sometimes it takes a global economic crisis to really force a company to push itself farther. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

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