Bremont and Aviation

Bremont and Aviation


I found this very surprising, and I think you may find it very surprising too.  The fact that watch making is a very British trade. Nearly all major escapement designs and approximately three quarters of watch innovations came from the UK.

The Bremont Watch Company is at the heart of the British revival in the watch-making industry with many great watch designs and market leading luxury watches.

You will find that the family behind the Bremont Watches brand have always had close ties with industry and engineering excellence.  Bremont have built close working relationships with some of the manufacturing greats like Norton, Jaguar and Martin Baker.

Most of you will know of the very close love affair that Bremont have with flying and the aviation industry. From flying their ancient bi-plane from where this exciting story started right through to their involvement with modern day aviation.

For all future generations the Bremont Watch Company helps to support the Royal Navy’s historic collection of famous aircraft. Continuing this relationship the Bremont Watches have ties with many military projects including the U-2 Squadron watch that was designed for and exclusively tested by U-2 spy plane pilots.

A very recent release and much sort-after timepiece is the NEW Bremont Boeing models. The Boeing and Bremont partnership is built on the shared devotion of aviation and precision engineering.

There is lots of research in joint ventures between Boeing and the Advanced Material Research Centre and this research as led to the development of new metals like custom 465 stainless steel. This new super alloy is the strongest of all commercially available stainless alloys.

This is the very first time that an alloy like Custom 465 Stainless has been used in the watch industry as this super alloy is used in the Bremont Boeing range of watches.

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