Exploring Eric Singer’s watch collection!

Exploring Eric Singer’s watch collection!

Amongst many of KISS member, Eric Singer’s prize possessions, his gold and platinum records being just some – the American heavy metal and hard rock singer also holds another interest close to his heart. Performing with major artists such as Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and Alice Cooper over the years has led to his 11 EP’s and a total of 75 albums. But that’s not the only talent that the incredible musician prides himself on! Eric Singer spends his days travelling many parts of the world to play for his thousands of fans but back home he treasures an astounding watch collection, so whilst out on the road he always keeps his eyes peeled for a watch to celebrate each new accomplishment. We love Eric singer because he loves watches! His pure enthusiasm resonates with many of us watch geeks and inspires dedicated watch collectors all over the globe to continue building their unique family of timepieces to tell the story of their life.

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Singer first inherited his passion for timekeepers from his late father. We know that he was given his first watch at the age of five and that it was a German manually wound mechanical watch, although the make has never been revealed. As fanatics of niche independent watch makers of the world, our admiration grows by the second for the rocker who prides himself on a neat selection of the more unique, unconventional purpose built innovations. Clearly his interest in a valuable investment bypasses the need to flaunt a flash commodity for the sake of his unquestionable wealth and high status, but instead reflects his preference for quality and functionality in a modest wristwatch. Having a musician for a father, Singer first learnt the importance of a high-precision chronograph, using the stopwatch facility as a means to count his band breaks. It was this regimented self-discipline which shaped his attitude towards the importance of a good career. The chronograph has become the golden thread throughout his hundreds of watches and has since gone on to assist Singer throughout many years of rehearsals as well as aidsinger 1ing him in timing the length of songs and sets. The artist sees his investments in luxury timepieces as a soundtrack to his life, finding it difficult to part with so many that represent the places he has been and milestones he has achieved along the way. Having attended Baselword each year since 2011, his ensemble features models from Panerai, Rolex and Piguet as well as TAG Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre and Ball. Singer especially enjoys the link between TAG Heuer’s beautifully engineered sports wristwatches and the automotive heritage of the racing industry, having recently joined the jury of the 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve to judge the latest large and small creators within the watchmaking world. Considering himself a traditionalist at heart, Singer has a soft spot for the classics and just adores the TAG Heuer vintage models. The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is considered one of the coolest and unique components of his collection marking his collaborative work with Queen member, Brian May. Having dabbled in a number of different ways to interpret the time, his Jaeger watches span from the triple calendar to the modern chronograph. But most interesting of all is his association with Ball Watch Company. To test their patented Ant-Shock System, Ball asked the artist to strap a Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne to his wrist whilst performing at one of his live concerts in Tokyo 2013.  The SpringLock protection facility was exclusively developed by watchmakers at Ball to diminish the risk of damage to the balance spring’s role thus singer 2ensuring that the calibre inside remains accurate. The timepiece survived the test without any damage either mechanically or cosmetically. Sharing Cleveland, Ohio roots, both Eric Singer and Ball Watch Company have shared a respect for the importance of anti-shock qualities within a mechanical timepiece and since then the Ball Engineer Master II Skindiver II measuring 43mm in diameter has become a trusty choice for the rocker’s live drumming performances.

Without doubt there seems to be a direct correlation between the drummer’s profession and the need for accurate timekeeping, yet it is the reasons behind Singer’s unique choices in his beautiful tokens echoing throughout his collection that we find so admirable. Singer always rewards himself with sentimental connections to his greatest achievements by investing in a killer watch – the perfect excuse to grow your collection and for a valuable reason at that!

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