Graham Watches: An overview

Graham Watches: An overview

Graham is a British brand founded by Mr George Graham in 1721.

George became master of the Clockmaker’s company in 1722 and he produced nearly 3,000 watches before his death in 1751. His ‘curious’ inventions are the inspiration behind every watch the brand has and will ever make.

Graham Watches, as a brand, has grown in stature since its first creation, by making everything from high-quality Tourbillons to simplistic three-handed models and pretty much anything in-between.  Graham has also developed high-profile partnerships with other top manufacturers and events such as Mercedes, RBS 6 Nations Rugby and The Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy, all of which makes the Graham name globally recognised.

The whole collection is split into three main family groups:

•  Chronofighter: With its distinctive trigger over the crown itself, the watch was originally designed for pilots, to enable them to operate a chronograph in flight without having to remove any gloves. Also, by putting the crown on the left side it meant they could be built as large as required as it would never dig into the hand during movement.

Swordfish: A model that takes inspiration from the fish itself, with its magnified discs on the glass to help see the smallest of detail. Whether you have a chronograph model or the alarm with GMT, the feature gives the watch a clean dial with powerful lines.

Silverstone: A model built to incorporate key features of motorsport, whether it is specific team colours, creating pushers to resemble pedals from the car or even making dials out of carbon fibre to replicate to bodywork.

The whole point of Graham is to take George’s original vision and bring it into the present and to keep his memory alive through timeless designs.



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