Exploring Shaun Leane Jewellery

Exploring Shaun Leane Jewellery

British jewellery at its best, Shaun Leane has completely redefined the concept of the contemporary by fusing innovation with exquisite and traditional craftsmanship. The four-time winner of the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year award is renowned for creating some of the most admired jewellery masterpieces of the twenty-first century, fast becoming one of the world’s most pre-eminent British jewellery houses.

Shaun Leane jewellery was born at the bench in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. It was here that founder, Shaun Leane, at the age of 15 trained as an apprentice in diamond mounting and antique restoration. High levels of skill and attention to detail were a must in such an environment, and it was here that Shaun Leane quickly understood the importance of technical education in an atelier. In 1992, a year after completing his apprenticeship, a mutual friend introduced Leane to Alexander McQueen, who was instantly impressed by the pieces he was working on. McQueen asked Shaun Leane to create some Victorian-style silver fob watch chains for his fourth post-college show. From that day, their united passion for craftsmanship and detail made them both iconic catwalk sensations in the art of couture jewellery and the history of runway fashion.

It wasn’t long before Shaun Leane’s unwavering commitment to British design had him collaborating with a huge variety of icons and designers including Daphne Guinness, Nick Knight, Boucheron, Damien Hirst and more. But most notably, Shaun Leane and Alexander McQueen worked together for over 17 years right up until McQueen’s death in 2010. Shaun Leane was behind some of his most notable catwalk pieces including the ‘Jaw Bone’ mouthpiece worn by several male models during his Spring/Summer 1998 show.  This mutually inspirational collaboration acted as a catalyst to Leane’s growing quest to blend technical perfection with creative freedom and ultimately led to the launch of his first Shaun Leane jewellery collection in 1999.

To this day, many of the pieces Shaun Leane created for Alexander McQueen are reflected in his modern-day works from predatory animal references in the Shaun Leane Sabre Fine collection to the iconic ‘Joan’ headdress showing itself in the Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom collection. There is a huge and stunning range of Shaun Leane collections to see, and we highly recommend that you take the time to browse through them yourself. The impeccable hand-craftsmanship remains central to the brand’s ethos and each and every day, the British jewellery manufacturer seems to push the boundaries of classic design a bit further to ensure an unforgettable and enduring legacy.

Shaun Leane Earrings

Shaun Leane earrings are instantly recognisable as they hang gracefully from the lobe and leave a statement down the neck. We love their signature Shaun Leane Hook earrings which are inspired by the sweeping curves and sculpted silhouettes in nature. They are distinctively sensual and while incredibly sophisticated offer a hint of rebellion in their primal nature. The Shaun Leane Quill earrings are another fine example of the brand’s ability to take inspiration from nature. These graphic and statement pieces are sculpted after the porcupine quill and brings a decidedly tribal and defiant quality to an elegant look.

Shaun Leane Necklaces

We couldn’t go a week without wearing a Shaun Leane necklace at least once, with their designs instantly embodying female confidence and sophistication. We have already mentioned the Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom jewellery collection, but the Cherry Blossom necklaces in particular are absolutely breathtaking. Inspired by the Japanese Sakura cherry blossom tree renowned for its implications of delicacy, complexity and wonder, the collection showcases a stunning combination of lustrous pearls, brilliant cut diamonds and fine enamel that looks absolutely breathtaking on the body with the fine pink tones perfectly complimenting all shades of skin.

Shaun Leane Rings

Decorate your fingers with the many choices of Shaun Leane rings on offer, whether you want something simple and elegant or something statement and unforgettable. We love the haunting and seductive aura of the Shaun Leane Rose Thorn collection with stunning ring designs that mould effortlessly and sculptural around the finger like a work of art. They are beautifully detailed with thorns that are both menacing and charming and crafted from the likes of white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

The Shaun Leane Arc collection offers a remarkable collection of fine rings for men that appear like shards of light, capturing both the power and harmony of masculinity. Many of the brand’s designs make ideal pieces for your big day with several Shaun Leane engagement rings and wedding rings to choose from.

Shaun Leane Bangles

Show off the curves and contours of your wrist with one of the Shaun Leane bangles. These hypnotic designs are perfect for finishing off an outfit and capturing attention as you confidently gesture throughout the day. The Shaun Leane Serpent’s Trace bracelets are captivating and have been inspired by the meandering skeleton that lives beneath the coil of one of our world’s most fascinating creatures. The meticulously crafted chains act like gilded vertebrae and form an undulating silhouette emulating the elegant movement of the serpent’s spine.

We also love the Shaun Leane Sabre jewellery collection and the statement bangles embellished with dazzling diamonds. These slick designs emulate Shaun Leane’s iconic Tusk Earring which first debuted in the 1996 Hunger collection for Alexander McQueen. They now remain a powerful expression of the brand’s contemporary and artistic style.

If you would like to learn more about Shaun Leane jewellery, head over to the C W Sellors website here where you can find all their latest collections available to order today.

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