How do I change the strap on my watch?

We always recommend going into one of your local jewellers to get the strap of your watch changed over, but if you are feeling confident enough to give it a go, feel free to follow the below advices.

First off, you will need a spring bar remover. These are super affordable and you can buy them separately or as part of a watch toolkit.

Lay your watch on a flat surface, preferably on something soft like a towel to protect your watch from any resulting scratches. Once the watch is in position, look closely at the area where the strap connects to the lugs or shoulders of the watch case. The strap should be connected to the watch by something known as a spring bar. Spring bars pass through a loop in the band and connect into the shoulders of the watch.

To remove the strap, you need to detach the spring bar. Start by taking your spring bar remover and inserting the pronged end between the band and watch. Gently apply pressure to the spring bar so it springs downwards, releasing the strap from the case. Once you have does this on both ends of the strap, you will now be able to fit the new one.

To fit the new strap onto your watch, simple thread the original spring bars into your new strap and place them in position on the case. Use your spring bar remover to pull the bar down and slot it back into the watch shoulders. Repeat these steps on both ends of the strap to finish.

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