Can I swim in my watch?

Whether or not you can use your timepiece while you swim will depend on the water resistance of your watch. Some watches will specify the water resistance on the dial or case back, while others will inform you in the manual.

The water resistance is usually displayed in terms of metres, but it is useful to note that this is in terms of pressure rather than the depth of water.

For use while swimming, it is generally recommended to have a watch with a water resistance of 100 metres or more. You can find all the water resistant boundaries below.

30 metres (3 ATM) is splash proof and protected against accidental exposure to water.
50 metres (5 ATM) can be submerged in water and be used for swimming.
100 metres (10 ATM) suitable for swimming and shallow diving
200 metres (20 ATM) suitable for non-deep sea diving.
500 metres (50 ATM) can be used for deep sea diving.

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