Where is the best place to buy a watch?

There are many fantastic websites and stores to buy watches from that are both reputable and trustworthy, but we always recommend keeping an eye out for three key things when you’re in the process of buying a watch.

ALWAYS make sure that the retailer you are purchasing from is authorised to sell watches. We cannot stress this enough. If a store or website is authorised, it means that all their watches come direct from the brand with the official warranty, box and paperwork. If a retailer is not authorised, you cannot guarantee that you are getting a genuine product and you will not be able to get the watch repaired by the official brand repair centre.

Great customer service is another key quality you want to look out for. It is always great to have an expert team to talk you through using and looking after the watch after the sale is completed. Owning a watch is a lifetime responsibility so find a company who will assist you with every detail of ownership including servicing and repairs.

There are not many watch retailers who can offer great benefits alongside the purchase of your watch, so keep your eye out for those that offer interest free finance options, free delivery and free gifts with the purchase.

Jura Watches are a specialist luxury watch boutique with an unrivalled selection of highly sought after watches and they tick all the right boxes when it comes to bring the ideal watch retailer. Not only are they an authorised dealer of all the brands shown on their website, but they have a fantastic customer service team and offer some unmissable benefits. For more information on Jura Watches, head over to their website www.jurawatches.co.uk.

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